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Millennials Need Estate Planning Too

It was about a year ago that a tragic shooting took the lives of 58 people in Las Vegas, many of them in their 20s and 30s. Chances are that very few of them thought they needed any kind of…

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Media Mogul Needs a Guardian, Says Grandson

Tyler Korff says that his grandfather struggles to communicate and having a guardian ad litem make sure that Redstone’s interest would be better protected, says The Hollywood Reporter in the article “Grandson Requests Sumner Redstone Guardian.” Redstone has been the…

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Charitable Giving Throughout the Year

Did you know that summer is actually the hardest time of the year for families in need? Children who depend on school-provided nutrition programs, often go hungry when school is out, or during long holiday breaks. That’s another reason why…

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Are Gig Workers Eligible for Disability Insurance?

Not having company-sponsored health or disability insurance benefits is a downside of being a gig worker, explains Kiplinger in the article “If You're a Gig Worker, Here's How You Can Still Get Disability Protection.” Most part-time employees have one advantage…

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Power of Attorney Can Be Abused

While his mother was in a Kentucky nursing home, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and unable to manage her own care or financial affairs, John Jerome O’Hara was supposed to be looking out for her, managing thousands of dollars of monthly…

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Rich or Poor, Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

If you’ve got older parents or relatives, says Fox 5 NY in its article “Why estate planning is important regardless of your age or wealth,” you’ll need to start having conversations with them about their estate plan. Don’t neglect your…

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