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The Role of Life Insurance In Your Family’s Future

Life insurance is one of those things that you need, the minute you have a spouse or children who count on your income. Life insurance comes in two basic categories: term and permanent, also known as whole or universal insurance.…

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Celebrities’ Larger Than Life Estate Snafus

In the article “Yes, even celebrities make estate planning mistakes,” the Reno Gazette Journal takes a close look at four big estate planning mistakes we should all avoid. These are such basic estate planning mistakes that you’d think no one…

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How Does Medicare Differ from Medicaid?

Maybe people get confused because the first six letters of both Medicare and Medicaid are identical. But they are very different, as the article “Medicare vs. Medicaid” from U.S. News & World Report explains. Each program concentrates on different populations…

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Is Your Retirement Plan Missing a Critical Piece?

How is your retirement planning going? No, we aren’t asking about your retirement accounts, although those are important. This article, “The One Piece Missing From Most Retirement Plans,” from Forbes, notes that while most people obsess about their savings, the…

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What Taxes Are Paid on Big Gifts?

Unless your parents handed you a small fortune, like more than $15,000, the chances that they have to pay any gift taxes are very low, according to a recent article, “All About Gift Taxes: Do I Pay Tax on Gifts…

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If I Don’t Have a Will, Is It Such a Big Deal?

There are many other reason why everyone needs a will, but the focus of a recent article appearing in, “What Actually Happens If You Die Without A Will,” focuses on young children and what could happen if their parents die…

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Is Your Estate Plan out of Date?

Not having an estate plan is a bad thing. Having an out-of-date estate plan isn’t much better. Both could cost your loved ones plenty and create a stressful situation. Every few years, you need a review. If you have big…

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What Does Your Magic 8 Ball Say About 2019?

It’s that time of year, when New Year’s resolutions and predictions for the coming year are on everyone’s mind. In the article “Top financial planning trends for 2019,” WTOP shared some predictions for 2019. Increased longevity means more planning. The…

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Are My Retirement Accounts Part of My Estate Plan?

Don’t neglect your retirement accounts, when creating or reviewing your estate plan. Knowing who is named as a primary beneficiary and who is a contingency beneficiary of your retirement accounts is important for your wealth distribution plans, in large part…

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