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When Is Life Insurance Taxable?

It’s all in the details. Life insurance proceeds are income tax free. If you are the beneficiary of an insurance policy, you don’t have to pay taxes on that sum. However, Kiplinger’s recent article, “Myth: Life Insurance is NOT Taxable,”…

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How a QTIP Protects Heirs in Blended Families?

Estate planning for couples in second marriages when each spouse has children from a prior marriage requires a few extra steps. When each spouse dies, they may want his or her children to receive an immediate inheritance with the rest…

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Stormy Daniels Has a Nuncupative Will—You Should Not

Full Disclosure, a memoir from Stormy Daniels that includes a dramatic narrative of her meeting with President Trump in Lake Tahoe in 2006 was recently released. She delves into everything, including what happened after she signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement just…

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College Graduates Do Better When Working Past 65

Americans are delaying retirement past age 65, and those with a college degree are better able to find work than people who did not graduate from college. It’s harder for them to stay in the workplace, which is not good…

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Don’t Go Overboard on Retirement Spending

People who enjoy shopping as a recreational activity may find that it does serious harm to their retirement funds, now that their income stream has been shifted to retirement mode. Here’s a suggestion: try devoting that time to other activities,…

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