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Many family, financial, and medical issues can become more overwhelming or confusing as we age. Not only do you need to protect assets for your children’s or grandchildren’s future, but you may also be dealing with financial and medical decisions for a parent with declining health.

When developing or updating an estate plan, the attorneys at Estate Planning & Elder Law Center of Brevard consider the big picture by getting to know your family dynamics and goals. We specialize in solving problems caused by life’s challenges in two ways:

  • Addressing decisions regarding financial and medical matters while you’re still alive
  • Efficiently administering affairs for family members after you’ve passed away

You may have already created a Florida estate plan years ago but realize it needs some serious updating due to a growing family and evolving life events. We can review your current plan and ensure your assets and beneficiaries are accurate. It may also be time to consider our Florida elder law services to help a family member plan for incapacity and long-term care costs.

Share your greatest concerns with our elder law attorneys, and we can provide options to prepare for or eliminate them. With 30 years of estate planning law experience creating customized plans, we can achieve priorities like minimizing inheritance taxes or maximizing your legacy for loved ones. We also prevent unnecessary worry about losing a home in a medical emergency. Our Florida communities deserve peace of mind.

Please explore our website to learn more about our practice areas in estate planning and elder law, including special needs planning, Dementia/Alzheimer’s planning, probate, and trust administration. Please contact us to meet with one of our experienced attorneys.

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