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What Did the New Tax Laws Do to Charities?

Do Americans donate to charity because they want to, or for the tax benefits? Unfortunately for the non-profit sector, the numbers for 2018 reflect a downward turn. Americans gave generously in 2018, unless you adjust for inflation. If you do…

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How Elder Abuse is Being Addressed in San Diego

An outreach campaign created to boost awareness of the problem of financial elder abuse was announced by District Attorney Summer Stephen. The DA also reminded employees of the city’s financial institutions that they have responsibilities as legally mandated reporters. The…

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Do T-Bonds Fit in a Retirement Portfolio?

Saving for retirement involves a variety of investments, including domestic and international stocks, mutual funds, cash and bonds. T-bonds are liked by many people, because they are backed by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. federal government. However,…

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Two Key Legal Documents For Singles of Any Age

Having a living will and a power of attorney for healthcare will allow a designated person to make decisions on your behalf, when you are unable to communicate your wishes. This may be more important for a single person than…

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What Are the Benefits of a 401(k)?

We hear a lot about the importance of having the right mix of large and small caps, domestic and international, bonds and other investments, to create a strong and stable investment portfolio. The same thing is true, when it comes…

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What Estate Planning Documents Should Everyone Have?

We never know when tragedy will strike, an accident occurs, or a diagnosis of a serious illness is given. Having an estate plan, including these specific documents, is part of being a responsible adult and preparing for whatever the future…

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