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How Prepared Are You for This Retirement Health Cost?

Most people receive Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance as part of their employment benefits package and often confuse it with another benefit, Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance. Employer-sponsored LTD insurance replaces a portion of your income, if you cannot work because of…

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How Aware is Your State About End-of-Life Issues?

Hospice providers come up against this problem on a regular basis. Our culture is not comfortable with death, talking about it or planning for it, and it’s a real challenge, as reported in the Home Health Care News article, “These…

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Using a Trust to Control Heirs from the Grave

More than one person has said they don’t want their kids to be spoiled by a large inheritance. However, there is a way to leave money to heirs in such a way, that they have to attain certain markers, like…

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If an Amazon CEO Doesn’t Have a Prenup, Do You?

Most couples are advised to have a prenuptial agreement before they marry. This is an agreement about what would happen to their assets, just in case the marriage does not work out. Some people have a post nuptial agreement, because…

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