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Aging Americans Face Escalating Long Term Care Problems

Aging Americans face an escalating crisis regarding long-term care (LTC). Industry driven, massively underpriced policies are playing fiscal catch up with hefty premium rate increases. This price increase is forcing some aging Americans to abandon their policy while others struggle…

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What it Means to Be a “Fiduciary”

You may be asked to be power of attorney for a family member or close friend. Your person may be planning for when they might become unable to take care of their affairs. For example, they might become disabled or…

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Tips in Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) are becoming popular retirement choices in the United States. Sometimes referred to as life plan communities, the goal is to provide a long-term care option for older residents. These residents prefer to live in the…

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Understand the Affect of Inheritance in Medicaid Planning

An inheritance can be the source of costly mistakes related to Medicaid which should be avoided. When a person is drawing Medicaid benefits and inherits money or property, that inheritance jeopardizes the benefits. The inheritance must be handled carefully to…

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New Special Education Guidelines Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The United States Department of Education is providing details about how states, schools, and parents can best address student special education needs following the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Students with special needs are provided Free Appropriate Public Education…

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