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Technology Tools for Seniors Living With Dementia

The increasing number of seniors and near-seniors experiencing dementia in the United States is on a rapid rise. A hallmark of cognitive decline is a long pre-clinical phase followed by an actual medical diagnosis that progresses from early to middle…

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Considerations for Your Aging Parent

It is essential to bring up a parent's aging expectations and set goals together even though initial discussions may be uncomfortable. Often, an exploration into a parent’s future thoughts about health, finances, and residential plans can make the difference between…

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COVID-19 Vaccines Under the New Administration

The expansion of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, several weeks after it began, is part of a vaccine "playbook" issued to US states in September 2020. The playbook leaves many details of the vaccine's implementation up to individual state governments, confusing…

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Brain Injury Awareness Month

Early March marks the beginning of Brain Injury Awareness Month. Brain injury, often referred to as traumatic brain injury (TBI), can range from mild (commonly called a concussion) to severe and is caused by an impact to the head or…

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The Importance of Seeking Counsel Before Selling the Family Home

Actions Without Guidance After Maria’s husband died, Maria’s daughter, Debbie, persuaded her to sell the family home and move into Debbie’s mother-in-law cottage.  That way  they  could  stay  close, and  Maria  could  invest  the money  from  the  sale  in  a  nest egg…

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A VA Benefits Overview for Aging Veterans

The US Census Bureau reports that more than 18.2 million veterans live in the United States, and 38 percent of them are 65 or older. Additionally, the Census Bureau reports that more than 9 million veterans receive services from the…

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Include Family Values as Part of Your Inheritance

Successfully addressing and formalizing your inheritance of family values and assets can be challenging, especially if parents wait too long to begin instilling family values. Undoubtedly the best time to teach and empower your children as eventual inheritors of your…

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