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King of Pop Sends His Father a Clear Message Through His Will

We know now that the brilliant songs, dances and smiles from the Jackson Five took place under a harsh atmosphere created by their father, who relied on corporal punishment to drive his kids to success.

Before Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, he and his brothers were trained and terrified by their father Joe Jackson. The senior Jackson, who died in late June at age 89, had no room for softness in his plan to create what became a show business dynasty.

People’s article, “Joe Jackson Was Left Out of Son Michael’s Will: ‘This Is a Decision His Son Made’ Says Lawyer,” reports that his son Michael, the King of Pop, had a troubled childhood with Joe, marred by trauma. In numerous interviews before his death in 2009, Michael said that beatings were common—punishments for minor infractions or poor performances—and his mother was powerless to intervene.

Joe remained unapologetic and even defiant about getting physical with his kids. He told Oprah Winfrey in 2010, that he didn’t regret using a strap as a method for hitting.

Their complicated relationship continued to play out even after Michael’s death. When Michael’s will, signed in July 2002, became public seven years later, it was discovered that Joe was effectively written out of Michael’s fortune.
His father was not among the names in the “Petition for Probate” list, which outlined all of the beneficiaries and fiduciaries named in the will and in the Michael Jackson Family Trust. These included trusts for his children and his mother, Katherine, who was named as guardian of his kids. In fact, rather than his father as a backup guardian for his children, Michael instead listed fellow Motown legend Diana Ross.

Apparently, there was a bit of discord among members of the family, who did not all believe that Michael Jackson’s 2002 will was legitimate. However, even if that had been proven, the three previous drafts of the will would have been considered and none of them included Joe Jackson. His attempt to challenge the will after Michael died failed, and the judge was very clear that Michael Jackson’s wishes were to give nothing to his father.

Reference: People (June 27, 2018) “Joe Jackson Was Left Out of Son Michael’s Will: ‘This Is a Decision His Son Made’ Says Lawyer”

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