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Becoming a Successful Family Caregiver

Approximately 17 percent of the U.S. population is a family caregiver, and most are losing sleep, worrying, losing income, and struggling with caregiving tasks while balancing their workload and other family responsibilities. 53 million Americans provide care for older relatives…

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COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for 2022

We are all ready for this pandemic to be over after dealing with several waves of the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, the possibility of contracting COVID-19 remains a reality. Last year, the Biden Administration put in place the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan…

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Changes in Advance Directives Brought About by COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, advance care planning and directives become more important than ever. Responses to vaccinations and understanding their efficacy, reinfection potential, and long-haul symptoms resulting from COVID-19 continue to baffle our scientific understanding. It appears the coronavirus…

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How to Choose a Life-Saving Medical Alert Systems

Envision your parent is just being released from a long stay at the hospital. The care providers assure you that your parent will be fine returning home, but you still worry. How can you make sure your parent is safe…

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Beware of Widespread Genetic Testing Scams

There is a widespread fraud scheme involving genetic testing sweeping the country prompting the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General to issue a national alert. The warning is for Medicare beneficiaries across the nation, and…

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How Does COLA Affect Social Security Benefits?

The federal government evaluation tool which calculates the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) is flawed according to an analysis by the non-partisan advocacy group called The Senior Citizens League (TSCL).  The decrease in social security benefit monies that are paid to seniors…

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