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Medicaid Gift Penalty

As Americans age, we are also living longer, which means more of us will require long-term care in the future. It is estimated that seven out of ten Americans will need long-term care during their lives. Long-term care can include…

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The Role of the Elder Law Attorney

Elder law encompasses a wide range of legal issues pertaining to elderly or disabled persons. Attorneys practicing elder law advocate for seniors and create legal plans to help them live better. Elder law may include planning for retirement, Social Security,…

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How to Prepare Your Parents for Assisted Living

You should consider an assisted living community if your parents are aging and need assistance with daily activities.  Identifying the suitable facility "fit" for your loved one is a journey requiring matching your parents' needs, budget, and lifestyle with desirable…

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Long-Term Care Crisis in America

There is a crisis facing Americans requiring long-term care (LTC) coverage. Industry-driven, massively underpriced policies are playing fiscal catch up with hefty premium rate increases. This price increase is forcing some aging Americans to abandon their policy while others struggle…

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How Important Is VA Planning?

Studies have shown the COVID-19 virus is very deadly to those over the age of 65 and it is not going away any time soon. Individuals living in senior living communities, such as independent living, assisted living, memory care, and…

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