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Timeline of Probate

The probate process is the formal recognition of a will, the selection of a personal representative (executor), and the distribution of the estate's assets to those who are intended to benefit from them. It also requires paying the decedent’s outstanding…

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Your Marital Status Affects Social Security Benefits

Marriage, divorce, or losing a spouse are all emotional experiences, but they are also financial ones. One thing to think about is how marital status changes your social security benefits. Understanding your options in different situations removes the burden of decision-making…

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Estate Planning for Nontraditional Families

The practice of estate planning is evolving due to changing family structures. As recently as thirty years ago, a traditional family comprised a husband and wife who married young, purchased a home, had children, and worked toward financial stability and…

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How to Avoid Mistakes With Beneficiaries

Most likely, you have a beneficiary, as beneficiary designations are common in retirement accounts, wills, and trusts. A beneficiary is an individual (or legal entity) to receive the proceeds from a financial product or vehicle when the owner passes away.…

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