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Using a Trust to Control Heirs from the Grave

More than one person has said they don’t want their kids to be spoiled by a large inheritance. However, there is a way to leave money to heirs in such a way, that they have to attain certain markers, like…

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If an Amazon CEO Doesn’t Have a Prenup, Do You?

Most couples are advised to have a prenuptial agreement before they marry. This is an agreement about what would happen to their assets, just in case the marriage does not work out. Some people have a post nuptial agreement, because…

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Blending Families? Be Mindful of Your Estate Plan

Here are some interesting statistics: the rate of remarriage has decreased over time for all age groups, except those who are 55 and older. In 1960, only 42% of those 55 and older remarried, and in 2013, that number jumped…

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Learn How an Elder Law Attorney Can Help You

Many aging Americans depend on family members or friends to help manage their financial, health, and other affairs during retirement and beyond. They often believe that their family members will be able to take care of any issues that arise.…

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