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estate planning

Why You Can’t Afford to Delay Estate Planning

You might think that because you don't own much, you can put off estate planning until later when you can afford it. However, there are compelling reasons why procrastination is not a wise choice. Firstly, it's essential to legally designate…

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Understanding “Per Stirpes” in Estate Planning

As I prepare my will, I've encountered the term "per stirpes" regarding the distribution of property to my children. But why does the law sound like it's referencing zebras? Firstly, it's not "per stripes" but "per stirpes," originating from Latin…

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Effective Approaches for Asset Transfers

Asset transfer, whether occurring during one's lifetime or posthumously, involves the redistribution of wealth or assets from one party to another. Employing strategic methods is crucial to ensure tax efficiency and the optimal reorganization of assets. Here are several widely…

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Taking Care of Caregivers is Important Too

In the hospital, Jeanette's father begged her to take care of her mother if he could not. Of course, Jeanette agreed. Years later, Jeanette's father passed. Her mother's hearing and eyesight failed, she could no longer drive, and she had…

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Protection Against Spouse Poverty

Several decades ago, Congress created safeguards to protect the savings of married couples using Medicaid. These protections prevent husbands and wives from bankrupting themselves and funding care for their loved ones. They originally required states to allow spouses of nursing…

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Tips to Help You Live Longer

We are now living longer than previous generations due to advances in medicine, technology, and life science. But simply living a longer life should not be the goal. Maintaining a healthy quality of life should be. After all, who wants…

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Elder Law and Technology for Seniors

Smart homes, telehealth, and the internet of things enable many aging Americans to live more safely and independently at home. Elder law and at-home medical technology uses can intersect in several ways. Whether you are a senior looking to stay…

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What You Need to Know About Solo Aging

According to research, 27% of American adults live alone or are aging alone, whether by choice or unforeseen circumstances. These statistics are expected to increase as societal norms evolve and different ways of living are embraced. Being single is no…

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