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How Do We Create a Realistic Budget for Retirement?

If you fall prey to the rose-colored glasses approach to retirement, you may be in for unpleasant surprises when retirement finance gets real. Be prepared and avoid these fictions. During our working years, it feels like we’ll never actually get…

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Why Does My Estate Plan Need to be Reviewed?

Tax laws change, so do lives. You could be missing out on planning opportunities, or forget to make an important change that cannot be fixed after you pass. Creating an estate plan entails a detailed review of every aspect of…

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Frasier Crane’s TV Dad Leaves $5 Million Estate

Before he devoted more than a decade to playing the retired father of TV’s “Frasier,” John Mahoney was a well-known actor, appearing in plays and movies. The size of his estate and the expected number of beneficiaries is evidence of…

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