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DJ Casey Kasem’s Daughter Shares Her Family’s Legacy and Battle for Elder Abuse Laws

A radio personality in her own right, Kerri Kasem and her siblings were kept away from their famous father at the end of his life. That experience led them to fight for change, and to create a law that has been adopted in twelve states.

After Kerri Kasem and her siblings were prevented from visiting her father, while he was sick and dying by her stepmother, they launched an initiative to prevent any other family from having that experience. She recently spoke at the Seventh Annual Training of the Greater Augusta Coalition Against Adult Abuse, held in the Waynesboro, VA area. The News Virginian reported in its story, “Kasem speaks against elder abuse,” that Kasem presented “Isolated: How Casey Kasem’s Family fought, changed the law, and survived.”

Like her father, Kerri Kasem is an American radio personality. She hosted Sixx Sense and The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx.

Kasem relayed her family’s story of the fight to see her ailing father. She explained about early warning signs of abuse and prevention. She also provided tips on how law enforcement and Adult Protective Services should approach these cases, for the victim’s rights to be protected.

“I learned very quickly there are no laws in the U.S. protecting adult children,” she said. “There needs to be stronger laws in this country protecting our elderly.”

Kasem fought to see her father and eventually created the Kasem Cares Visitation Legislation. The bill “provides an open path for family members to ask the court to rule on visitation, without incurring the enormous expense and time that comes with a challenge to guardianship or conservatorship,” the website explains. The bill became law in twelve states.

The organization is advocating for changes in the laws in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin and Virginia.
During her fight, many people contacted her in letters saying they were going through the same ordeal. She hopes the legislation and the Kasem Cares Foundation will help other people.

“I knew there were so many families going through this,” she said. “I couldn’t let them go through that. I knew I had to do something. That’s why I created Kasem Cares.”

The Kasem Cares Foundation addresses the experiences of families who need protection from elder abuse, regardless of their financial status. It focuses on the needs of adult family members to try to protect ailing relatives, whose lives are being controlled by someone who restricts their access to a vulnerable adult.

Reference: The News Virginian (May 13, 2018) “Kasem speaks against elder abuse”

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