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What’s a Good Gift for Someone Who Gives So Much to Others?

You’re just now catching your breathe—so much rushing about for the holidays! However, one gift that you would never overlook would be that for the person (or people) who gives of themselves, all year long. The family caregivers on your list deserves a special consideration during the holiday season.

In its recent article, “5 Gifts To Give a Family Caregiver This Holiday Season,” The Good Men Project reminds us that family caregiving quickly becomes a never-ending day of to do’s for the sake of another person.

Caring for a family member involves an exhaustive amount of paperwork, and an equally exhaustive amount of time coordinating all the financial crunching and logistical planning. At the same time, the caregiver’s own life and responsibilities still need to be addressed.

Take care of a chore. A caregiver may not have time to arrange for some of the basic chores around that house. You could pay for a lawn service, snow removal, meal delivery or an oil change. Be creative and thoughtful. You might even do these chores yourself!

Hire an elder pro. With caregiving, the idea that “knowledge is power” takes on a significant role. An hour with an elder attorney, insurance specialist, or geriatric specialist can assess where the patient is now and how to help them plan for the future—that’s an invaluable gift that keeps on giving.

Professional Respite. Not everyone qualifies for this, unless they meet the eligibility factors. Even if you do qualify, funding and availability can be scarce. Call a home health agency and ask them if they’re willing to create a respite package, that would include a block of weekly respite visits.

Gift card. It is a bit impersonal, but it’s like a tiny nugget of indulgence that a caregiver rarely gives themselves hidden away for a special day.

The gift of time. If you have this kind of relationship with the caregiver, give that person the most precious resource of all—your time. That may be an afternoon together, a walk in the nearby park, or something you both enjoy. Perhaps you both enjoy crafting or baking. Make time to let them know, just how much you appreciate them.

Reference: The Good Men Project (December 12, 2018) “5 Gifts To Give a Family Caregiver This Holiday Season”

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