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Navigating Probate Challenges

At its core, probate is the legal process of validating a will. Today, it encompasses the comprehensive legal procedures required to settle a deceased person's estate. The appointed representative, often a family member, initiates the probate case in court, working…

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The Probate Process

In the United States, probate refers to the legal process of formalizing a will and appointing a personal representative (executor) to administer the estate. Navigating the probate process will vary according to state law. Therefore, it is good to contact…

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Timeline of Probate

The probate process is the formal recognition of a will, the selection of a personal representative (executor), and the distribution of the estate's assets to those who are intended to benefit from them. It also requires paying the decedent’s outstanding…

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Wills: How They Work

Wills serve as legal directives regarding who will inherit your property after you die and are an essential component of a comprehensive estate plan. If you die without one (intestate), the state will distribute your assets and property via state…

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