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Does Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Affect You?

You may feel like you are experiencing early dementia, but it may be something else altogether. Of the 5.3 million Americans with Alzheimer’s Disease, approximately 200,000 are under the age of 65. Known as Early-Onset Alzheimer’s, the disease typically strikes people…

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Comparing Estate Planning and Elder Law

Estate planning and elder law differ from one another as you prepare for the future, both in terms of finances and health needs. Estate planning and elder law also have some similarities. Even though these two types of law are for…

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The Process of Qualifying for SSDI and SSI

The US government may offer free health insurance and benefits to disabled workers whose medical conditions prevent them from working. About twenty million disabled Americans currently receive assistance from the Social Security Administration (SSA) for disability through SSI and SSDI.…

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Here Are Some Tips for Understanding Medicare

Knowing how to apply for Medicare can sometimes seem like a double-edged sword for those who are interested in the benefits. On the one hand, Medicare is obviously a good resource because it provides medical benefits to seniors who are…

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The Benefits of Having an Elder Law Attorney

There are currently more than 51 million Americans that are 65 or older, and this number is continually growing due to medical and technological developments. The expanding needs of the US aging population are contributing to an increase in federal…

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