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Strategies to Transfer Assets

During wealth transfer, one party or entity transfers wealth or assets to another party. The transfer can happen either during your lifetime or after your death. Wealth transfer strategies use various methods to create the most tax-efficient and effective reorganization…

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Tips to Help You Live Longer

We are now living longer than previous generations due to advances in medicine, technology, and life science. But simply living a longer life should not be the goal. Maintaining a healthy quality of life should be. After all, who wants…

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Elder Law and Technology for Seniors

Smart homes, telehealth, and the internet of things enable many aging Americans to live more safely and independently at home. Elder law and at-home medical technology uses can intersect in several ways. Whether you are a senior looking to stay…

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Medical Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning is most commonly associated with wills, trusts, and passing assets to the next generation. However, there is another part of estate planning that doesn’t get as much attention. It concerns advance health care planning. Have you thought about…

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Inflation Management for Retirees and Near-Retirees

Inflation will continue to rise in the United States into 2023 unless significant course corrections are made. Bankrate’s Third-Quarter Economic Indicator poll projects inflation will be more significant than previous expectations over the coming twelve to eighteen months. Even in the…

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