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Medicaid Planning

Sudden Changes and Big Decisions

Change is life’s only constant. Sometimes these changes strike without warning. If you or a loved one has experienced a sudden illness or serious accident, you understand how abruptly everything can change. Are you or a loved one suddenly in need of nursing home care? Finding and affording quality care on short notice can be stressful and draining. We can help you determine the best options for care and how to qualify for Medicaid to help finance them.

We assist you in navigating the laws concerning Medicaid and in planning for long-term care for your loved ones. Concerns about Medicaid typically arise when an individual enters a nursing home or an assisted living facility. Costs for this care can be expensive, particularly when one spouse remains at home and the couple relies on accumulated assets to cover the additional costs. With health care expenses rising, these assets can diminish quickly. We are available to help you navigate the complex Medicaid system to obtain coverage for your loved ones.

Medicaid is the United States health program for eligible individuals and families with low incomes and limited resources. It is a “means-tested” program (based on financial needs of the applicant) that is jointly funded by the state and federal governments, but managed by the states. Among the groups of people served by Medicaid include low-income adults and their children, and people with certain disabilities. Poverty alone does not necessarily qualify an individual for Medicaid. Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with limited income in the United States. Because of the aging World War II/Korean War generation, the fastest growing aspect of Medicaid is nursing home coverage.

The Estate Planning & Elder Law Center of Brevard has substantial experience in working with clients in need of nursing home care so that they do not spend down all of their assets to pay for this care before qualifying for Medicaid assistance. Medicaid planning can run the gamut from preparing in advance for a nursing home stay by shifting assets and other techniques (this is called “pre-planning” and is usually the best way to go) to “Crisis Planning” (which we seem to see more and more frequently). Our services also include applying for Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits on your behalf. An improperly completed application can lead to months of ineligibility for benefits that might otherwise have been available. We have been hired after-the-fact multiple times to fix incorrectly completed Medicaid applications. Since Medicaid benefits include room and board, prescriptions, and physician fees, only a few months delay in qualifying can mean the loss of upwards of $9,000 in benefits per month!

Seek appropriate counsel before you attempt to qualify for Medicaid. We can give you – and your family – peace of mind during a difficult and uncertain time. When dealing with Medicaid, legal advice is something you cannot afford to go without. Navigating the process on your own could be a nightmare, at best, and subject you to penalties, at worst. Fortunately, though, our experienced professionals can guide you through the Medicaid maze. We can advise you throughout the application process, ensuring that you retain the maximum income and total assets allowed by law.

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